Client Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do substance abuse screening (drug testing)?
TOSS provides Urinalysis and Hairanalysis Testing collection services. Let TOSS’s trained technicians help you enforce your Drug Free Workplace Policy.

What can you do to help us with our security?
If security is a concern, we can provide our temporaries with ID badges that clearly identify them as TOSS employees.

Do you do safety training?
One of TOSS’ highest priorites is the safety of our employees. Each temporary is tested, trained, and prepared to work safely at our clients’ sites. This support includes developing a customized safety program to fulfill your requirements if necessary.

How do you determine an employee’s clerical abilities?
Using customized testing, TOSS can work with you to develop tests that reflect the clerical tasks and skills at your company. Certified skills certificates are available.

Can we contract our personnel through TOSS long term?
You can contract all of your personnel through TOSS. Let TOSS worry about the employee taxes, payment deadlines, EDD paperwork, garnishments of wages, Workman’s Comp Insurance, and employee administration for your entire staff.

Can you help us with applicant screening?
TOSS’s applicant screening services can make your application process more productive and efficient. These include: application drop off, pre-employment testing, computerized skill evaluations, and background checks.

Can individuals hire temporary employees (for yardwork, etc)?
Due to the limitations or our worker’s comp and liability insurance policies, we are only able to contract labor to licensed businesses/contractors.

Do you supply roofing labor?
Unfortunately, due to the high risk and insurance costs of roofing labor we are unable to contract out personnel to do this type of work.

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