Apply with TOSS

1) Application:

Due to EEOC guidelines ALL applicants are required to follow the same steps in completing the paperwork to get on the active applicant roster. We ask each applicant to fill out the application in our office. This gives us a chance to answer and questions an applicant might have and it gives the staff an opportunity to get to know each person a little better.

2) References:

TOSS checks references on all applicants and TOSS will not place an applicant prior to verifying references. Each applicant is asked to complete one (1) reference check form to be faxed to a previous employer. For this, the applicant will need to bring a fax number for the employer of their choice. Each applicant will also be asked to complete a release for phone / written verification of personal references. In addition to former employers, TOSS requests complete addresses and phone numbers for three (3) personal references which are not related to the applicant and not a former employer. If TOSS can’t verify the information on your application – it will slow down your placement and in some cases disqualify you for employment with TOSS.

3) Wonderlic Personnel Test:

We give every applicant a 12 minute pencil and paper test. This test is not a pass/fail test. It is a predictor of an appliant’s ability to follow directions and ability to solve problems. If you have special needs or would like to take the test in Spanish, please let us know. The personnel test comes in several forms to meet ADA requirements and is validated annually to ensure fairness.

4) Interview:

Each applicant is interviewed to find out their specific needs and skills. The interview is information oriented and all responses/information will be recorded in the applicant database. Applicants are expected to show up for the interview dressed appropriately. No shows and/or late arrivals for interviews will be documented.

5) I-9 Form:

The I-9 form is required by federal law to prove eligibility to work in the U.S. We will ask you to complete the I-9 form following the interview and after you have agreed to be placed on the applicant roster.



  • Address & Phone Numbers of Three (3) Personal References
  • Address & Phone Number of Your Former Employers
  • Fax number for one previous employer of the applicants choice
  • Documents to Complete I-9 Form (after interview)


Optional But Recommended

  •  Letters of Recommendation or Certificates of Achievement
  •  Resume or Qualification Summary


Additional Application Information

You will be asked to have all of the above required information prior to beginning the application. Applicants need to plan on being in the office for forty-five minutes to an hour. The application does not always take the full hour, but we ask that applicants plan ahead to remain in the office until the application and Wonderlic test are complete. Any instance of having to start / stop and come back to complete the application will be noted.

Hours and Location

TOSS, INC. Office
1525 N. Norma St. Ste. A
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Application Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00am to 4:00pm
No appointment is necessary.  You will need to bring the information necessary to complete the application, including name, address and phone number of three personal references, name, address and phone number of former employers, and the fax or email address of one former employer.