Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to apply?
There are no fees or charges to the applicant for the placement services provided by TOSS. All charges are paid for by our clients.

What is your policy on drug use?
TOSS is a drug free work place. All employees will be asked to sign and abide by a drug free work place agreement.

What is expected of me as an employee?
Toss employees are dependable and on time. Nothing impresses our clients more than an employee who is punctual and arrives ready to work!

TOSS employees are professional, courteous, pleasant, and dressed appropriately.

Do I list TOSS, or the client I am assigned to on employment-related documents?
TOSS is the employer of record when filling out unemployment forms, job applications, and employment reports.

Do you have any open jobs right now?
TOSS does not maintain a list of open jobs. We use a computerized database to place all jobs as soon as the work order is received. The applicant will not be placed in the database until all steps of the application process have been completed.

What happens when a job comes up?
A staff member of TOSS will give you an oral or written offer of employment. The offer of employment will include: rate of pay, approximate length of position, job duties, hours of work, and other pertinent facts. You will then be requested to accept or decline the position.

When you decline a work assignment, TOSS is required to provide that information to the EDD. Please state clearly the reason for declining an offer of employment so the record will correctly reflect your situation.

What do I need to do after I accept a job?
All new hires will be required to complete new hire forms which include a Substance Abuse Policy, Confidentiality Agreement, W-4, Receipt of Employee Handbook, and Third Party Authorization for Release of Paychecks. We also have direct deposit available, and if you choose that option, you will need to bring a voided check or savings deposit slip.

If I take a temporary position, will I lose my unemployment benefits?
When filing for unemployment the EDD may request that if your last employer or base period employer was a temporary services employer, you should contact that employer to see if a new position or assignment is available. Many persons on unemployment are able to work temporary or part-time positions without losing their unemployment benefits, or receiving a reduction in their benefits. We strongly encourage you to contact the EDD prior to declining a position to see how it will/will not effect your benefits.