Service Philosophy

Technical & Office Support Services uses a five step philosophy to ensure our clients and employees receive quality service. That philosophy is “Reliable C-A-R-E”:

Be REALIABLE. Customers expect consistency. TOSS does what we say we are going to do. Do it right the first time. Get it done on time.

Be CREDIBLE. Customers want services that are free from risk or doubt and all transactions will be kept confidential. Deliver what we promise.

Be ATTRACTIVE. A first class image that validates our professionalism is important in all aspects our our business. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Be RESPONSIVE. Be available and willing to help. Go the extra mile for our clients and employees.

Be EMPATHETIC. The company emphasizes that the client’s business welfare is an important concern to our staff we are understanding of the client’s needs. We find solutions for our employees and help make “temping” work for them.